Welcome to the Gospel according to John

Introducing, “The Teachings of Yeshua.

crossYeshua spent three years as an itinerant country teacher before being executed in Jerusalem at age 33. He preached to the crowds in the open air; he trained his disciples, he challenged the authority of the religious leaders, and confronted their hypocrisy, he lived out the values he preached, he performed amazing deeds and after his death his disciples believed he came back to life.

His teachings were never designed to become yet another religion. Which by definition means “to be bound” by rules and regulations and rituals in order that one MAY attain salvation. (whatever their definition of salvation may be)

Each claiming a monopoly over truth. Even so called Christian religions couldn’t even manage to get his name right. Whilst the real truth is that each religion with its set of defining rules, rites and regulations only encourages it’s participants, down blind alleys leaving many devout worshipers unrecognized by God.

All Religions are created by men in a vane attempt to enter into a relationship with God. contrary to which Yeshua insisted that he was instead sent by god. Faith, Compassion, Tolerance & Forgiveness are the cornerstones by which He based his teachings  combined under one command “Love one another, as I have loved you” –Yeshua. “Back to Basics” section. R.S.M`s guide to re-discovering the teachings of God`s Saviour. Just what did Yeshua have to say? Click on links to view guides.

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Rock Solid Ministryradiorock solid radio

Rock Solid Ministry. Yeshua`s last request to his followers was to share the Good news of his teachings to all nations under the sun. The four cornerstones on which He built the foundations of his teachings are Faith, Compassion, tolerance & Forgiveness. under one command “Love one another as I have loved you”. R.S.M actively promotes this message through the use of Christian Music and other faith based programming.


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